Roots To Growth

What is Roots to Growth?

Roots to Growth is a pedagogy especially designed for the children who attend Little Rascals. We are inspired by natural learning, the Reggio Emilia approach and using our own knowledge to make the children’s time at Little Rascals an enriching experience full of magic and wonder.

What does Roots to Growth include?

The roots to growth pedagogy provides an individualised approach to support each child to make their own journey. We do this through carefully planned experiences, a rich and awe-inspiring environment and highly trained staff who can expand the learning opportunities of those they work with.

What is a rich and awe-inspiring environment?

When we explain that we are a toy free setting, we sometimes get some confusing looks, we truly believe that with real resources that create curiosity the children can explore and get excited. Instead of a plastic tea set the children are trusted and taught how to play with a real china tea set. A scary concept with children we know, but the real items look different, feel different even taste different. The resources we use are carefully selected so children can use their imagination and become independent learners.

Why we are different and proud o fit :

This approach is fully tried and tested and children at Little Rascals make exceptional progress, we are proud that we have our own approach and that the staff have pulled together their expertise to make a pedagogy that is truly centred around the child. We also love giving resources a second loving home and including them into our ever-changing environment. We do things our own way at Little Rascals, and we are constantly improving our services for the families of the west midlands.